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How I work

What I offer:

  • I offer support and gentle guidance, while also trusting your own wisdom to explore the specific issues within your personal context. Counselling provides an opportunity to pause, take stock and reflect more deeply. Deeper exploration can move across the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.


  • Compassionate listening and empathic support can provide the safety you need when in crisis. Research confirms that a strong therapeutic alliance is instrumental in our  healing, more than specific techniques. Connection and humanity are vital. We work collaboratively.


  • I take a practical approach if you need to explore solutions to current dilemmas. Psychosynthesis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming offer useful tools for change. Noticing the non-verbal language of the body can also bring a new awareness and different ways of experiencing ourselves in the present moment.


  • Attending to the younger self  – both the inner child and adolescent -can be helpful: wounds from childhood can run deep and may be largely unconscious, only surfacing when there’s sufficient trust and safety. Realising the long term effects of trauma, shame and denial, can bring compassion towards the vulnerable child within, and allow deeper feelings to find expression, and resolution.


  • I’m interested in what gives your life meaning and purpose, both in the present and as you envisage your future. What do you want? Effective counselling can help make sense of our suffering, so we can take our place in the world in a more fulfilling way, offering our unique contribution.