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I’m inspired by ¬†Bessel Van De Kolk, for his ongoing work in the field of post-traumatic growth. Kolk’s book “The Body Keeps The Score” is both very readable and comprehensive in its research-based wisdom. The Physician Gabor Mate has depth experience and wisdom regarding enduring addictions, and the body mind connection. And Peter Levine is a seminal figure in understanding the body’s responses to trauma.

The work of Stephen Porges, in developing his Polyvagal Theory, since the 1990s, has had  ground-breaking impact on trauma recovery, and is now acknowledged by top experts in the field. He, in turn concurs with their discoveries. Working much more directly with the body and the autonomic nervous system is the chief direction of travel, and can achieve results in a shorter period of time, enabling clients to be much more self-directed on their healing journey.

I’m inspired by Jody Day, founder of Gateway Women, a website for women who are struggling with issues around fertility, or find themselves childless and without a tribe to belong to. Her work has helped to establish a global community of like-minded women.

I’m inspired by the shifts that are slowly happening to address the imbalances intrinsic within enduring Patriarchal systems. I am committed to empowering both women and men to feel a sense of agency to actively engage with these challenges, both personally and globally.

I’m inspired by Krista Tippett who developed the website www.onbeing.com and has recently published her book called “On Becoming Wise.” Her gentle skill as an interviewer of people who are making a contribution to a better world, is wonderful nourishment, an ongoing source of hope.